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Ultrasound FAQs

Is ultrasound safe for my pet?

Yes.Ultrasound machines use a high frequency sound beam to produce an image that shows the internal structure of the organs.It is painless and not harmful to the animal.

Does my pet need sedation for ultrasound?

Sometimes.In most cases light sedation is all that is required.The patient lies on a comfy cushion and the ultrasound probes is gently placed on the abdomen.Many dogs will permit an ultrasound examination without any sedation, but generally speaking most cats do require some sedation in order for them to lies still for the examination.  

Can I get a copy of my pets ultrasound?

Yes.We can copy our ultrasound images on to a CD-ROM for you to view at home.Please ask if you would like a complimentary CD of your pets ultrasound.

Who reads the ultrasound?

The attending veterinarian reads your pets ultrasound images as soon as they are taken.Our ultrasound images are also sent to a radiology service so by the time you pet is ready to go home we will have an expert second opinion on your pets ultrasound.The cost for the second opinion is included in the radiography fee we charge.


If you have any questions about our ultrasound service please call us at 315 568 9449.