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Radiology FAQs


Are radiographs safe for my pet?

Yes.In humans repeated exposure to high doses of radiation can lead to serious health problems, but  in animals the exposure is well below the levels that can cause problems. In humans radiographs are not generally taken if the patient is pregnant.In animals we do sometimes take radiographs in late pregnancy to determine litter size and this does not harm the developing fetus.

Why does my pet need sedation for radiographs?

It is very important that your pet stays very still when radiographs are being taken to avoid blurring of the image.If the image is blurry detail is lost and the radiograph may be non-diagnostic.In most pets a mild tranquilizer is sufficent to calm them enough to get good radiographs.In some cases, however, especially if a pet is in pain anesthesia may be required to get diagnostic radiographs.This is most often the case if orthopedic radiographs are being taken.

Can I hold my pet for a radiograph?

No.New York state department of health has very strict regulations about radiation exposure.Only staff of the hospital are allowed in the radiology room during radiographs.The staff all wear radiation monitoring badges that meaure the exposure levels and if a pet needs to held for radiographs the attending veterinarian will hold the pet wearing special lead lined protective clothing.

Can I get a copy of my pets radiographs?

Yes.We can copy our radiographs on to a CD-ROM for you to view at home.Please ask if you would like a complimentary CD of your pets radiographs.

Who reads the radiographs?

The attending veterinarian reads your pets radiographs as soon as they are taken.Our radiographs are also sent to a radiology service so by the time you pet is ready to go home we will have an expert second opinion on your pets radiographs.The cost for the second opinion is included in the radiography fee we charge.


If you have any questions about our radiology service please call us at 315 568 9449.